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First Bugatti Chiron ever on a Dyno?

Have you ever seen a Bugatti Chiron on a dyno? Neither had we. A quick search finds a few of the Veyron, but nothing on the Chiron. When our friends at The Hamilton Collection inquired about doing it we were intrigued but was there a reason no one had done it?

McLaren Hydraulic Suspension Bleeding

Having the proper tools and equipment is paramount for servicing any McLaren. Without it you can’t get past step one in most repairs. This is why we’ve invested in ALL of the proper factory tools to get the job done right! Watch as Ivan goes over accumulator replacement, a common failure over time in the […]

Alex Choi // McLaren 720s

If you follow YouTube personality Alex Choi, you’ve probably seen his now pink McLaren 720s or in one of it’s many other different vinyl wrap configurations. If that is the case, you’ve probably seen he’s had a few problems with the car along the way. Of course you ALSO know he has been pretty abusive […]

Not All McLaren Tunes Are Created Equal

At Cannonball Garage your vehicles performance is our priority. That’s why we’ve invested in a chassis dyno and the diagnostic and advanced data logging equipment to make sure your car is running at peak performance and doing it safely Not All Tunes Are Created Equal While we had this McLaren 720s in for some work, […]


An event is not an ideal place to do testing but the GT-R World Cup was our only option with winter set in here in Chicago. This annual event in Florida held at the end of January / beginning of February usually caters to only the Nissan GT-R but this year they announced a new […]

GT-R World Cup 2021

The GT-R World Cup is only a couple weeks away and we are working hard to get 2 cars put together for the event. The first being GT-R World Cup founder Eric Gaudi’s Boost Logic 1050x powered 2017 R35 GT-R. With it’s ALPHA built engine and Sheptrans GR6 transmission, it’s a great, reliable street build […]

Wayland’s McLaren 720s Misfire

When our customer called us with a misfire above 100mph, like many McLaren experts our mind went to spark plugs or a failed coil. These are both somewhat common issues on the 720s. It would’ve been easy to sell the spark plugs and replace the coils on the cylinders that were experiencing the problem. Many […]