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Reviving a McLaren 570S: The Road to Recovery in Trinidad and Tobago

Cannonball Garage International rescue mission in Trinidad and Tobago of this McLaren 570s
McLaren 570s dead in the water in Trinidad & Tobago

When you own a beautiful blue McLaren 570S in the vibrant country of Trinidad and Tobago, every drive should feel like a dream. For Christian Tam, this dream took an unexpected turn when a simple diagnostic check turned into a series of unfortunate events, leaving his beloved McLaren in a state of disrepair. However, thanks to the expertise of Cannonball Garage, the supercar is now back on the road, ready to roar once more.

A Diagnostic Nightmare


It all began when a non-factory scan tool was connected to Christian’s 570S. What was intended to be a routine check quickly escalated into a major problem – the car’s Engine Control Unit (ECU) was bricked. With the heart of the McLaren compromised, Christian embarked on a journey to bring his supercar back to life.

The Quest for a Solution


Christian sought out M Engineering to hopefully save the ECU. After a thorough examination, it became clear that the ECU had serious internal issues and poorly soldered repairs. The only viable solution was to acquire a new ECU specifically programmed for the car.

With the new ECU in place, Christian’s 570S regained its heartbeat but still couldn’t move. It appeared as though the car was stuck in two gears simultaneously, leaving it immobile. Frustration mounting, Christian reached out to Cannonball Garage for help, a decision that would prove crucial in getting his McLaren back on the road.

Cannonball Garage to the Rescue


Cannonball Garage wasted no time in dispatching their senior technician to Trinidad and Tobago to diagnose the issue. Upon arrival, a discovery was made: a non-factory battery had been installed in the McLaren. This battery lacked the Integrated Battery Sensor (IBS) module of the original battery, preventing the ignition from turning to the ON position for a comprehensive diagnosis.

McLaren 570s in Trinidad & Tobago

The Road to Recovery


To address this hurdle, arrangements were made to rush an IBS emulator to the island. Once installed, multiple underlying issues surfaced and were promptly addressed. Christian’s McLaren received a second round of urgently required parts installed to restore its roadworthiness.


After this laborious journey, Christian was finally able to take a celebratory ride around the island in his beloved McLaren 570S. While the car still requires a few more parts and some minor issues to be resolved, it’s once again a vehicle worthy of admiration.

The Ongoing Partnership


Cannonball Garage remains committed to assisting Christian in getting his McLaren back to its pristine condition. The list of services performed during this incredible resurrection journey included:


•                    IBS emulator installation.

•                    Diagnosis and repair of rear body temperature sensor failure.

•                    ECU reprogramming and alignment.

•                    ESP/ABS module replacement.

•                    ESP reprogramming and alignment.

•                    Comprehensive brake system bleeding.

•                    Window calibration (DML and DMR).

•                    Seat calibration (SCML and SCMR).

•                    PCCU alignment.

•                    Recording and clearing of all module DCTs.

•                    Service indicator reset.

•                    HVAC issue diagnosis.

•                    Check Engine Light (CEL) diagnosis.


Christian’s McLaren 570S may have faced a tumultuous road, but it’s now a roadworthy marvel once more. This story serves as a testament to the resilience of both cars and the passionate individuals who refuse to give up on their automotive dreams.

Trinidad & Tobago McLaren 570s back up and running by Cannonball Garage
Trinidad & Tobago McLaren 570s back up and running

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