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Unveiling the CSO-Experimental: A McLaren 765LT Powerhouse

At Cannonball Garage, we live and breathe McLaren, and when it comes to pushing the boundaries of performance, we never back down from a challenge. In early 2022, we embarked on a project that would take the already exceptional McLaren 765LT to unimaginable heights. Today, we’re excited to share the incredible journey of the CSO-Experimental (CSO-X).

A CSO-Spec Engine Build: Setting the Stage

Our journey began with the removal of the factory engine from the McLaren 765LT, laying the foundation for something truly extraordinary. We embarked on a CSO-Spec engine build, a meticulous process that would redefine the very essence of power.

The CSO1200 Package

We didn’t stop at just the engine. While the car was apart, we equipped it with our CSO1200 package, featuring Pure 1200 turbos that would safely push the boundaries to 1100 wheel horsepower. This transformed the McLaren 765LT into a force to be reckoned with.

Pushing the Limits: The CSO-Experimental Emerges

The story doesn’t end there. Our client, already thrilled with the newfound power, wanted more. Over the past winter, we collaborated with Dodson on clutch development and Pure Turbo for even larger experimental turbos. With the new clutch seamlessly holding the additional power, we began to turn up the boost, with M-Engineering meticulously dialing in the calibration.

The result? A staggering 1312 wheel horsepower and a jaw-dropping 936 lb-ft of torque! We proudly christened this incredible build as the CSO-Experimental.

World’s Second Fastest McLaren on Record

Yet, with great power comes great challenges. Traction became a critical concern as we ventured into uncharted territory. During initial testing, we achieved a remarkable feat—a best time of 3.48 seconds for the 60-130mph sprint. This achievement solidified the CSO-X as the second fastest McLaren on record.

1300+whp CSO-X McLaren 765LT by Cannonball Garage

The Journey Continues

But our thirst for innovation and records remains unquenched. We’re not done yet. At Cannonball Garage, we’re always eager to explore new horizons. We plan on conducting further testing with CSO-X early in the 2024 season, and we invite you to stay tuned for even more impressive results.

In the world of McLaren performance, the CSO-X stands as a testament to what’s possible when passion, expertise, and innovation converge. It’s a car that redefines the boundaries of speed and power, and we can’t wait to see where this incredible journey takes us next. Stay tuned for the thrilling continuation of the CSO-Experimental saga.

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