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Unleashing Stealth Power: CSO1200 McLaren 720 Sleeper

Transforming Performance with the CSO1200 Package

At Cannonball Garage, we’re no strangers to pushing the boundaries of performance, but sometimes, the true art lies in subtlety. Case in point: our recent project involving a Ceramic Grey McLaren 720 Spider.



The Customer’s Unique Request

The customer came to us with a specific request: they desired the formidable power of our CSO1200 package but wanted to maintain the stealthy demeanor of their McLaren. While they craved the performance, they weren’t interested in turning heads with an aggressive exhaust note.


Enhancing Power without Compromising Stealth

So, we got to work. We installed the Pure 1200 turbos, upgraded fuel injectors, and performance spark plugs, meticulously fine-tuning each component for optimal performance. But here’s where things get interesting – we left the exhaust entirely stock.


The Birth of a Sleeper

What emerged from our efforts was nothing short of extraordinary – a true Sleeper. On the surface, this McLaren appeared unchanged, blending seamlessly into the crowd. But beneath its unassuming exterior lay a beast waiting to be unleashed.


Testing and Results

With custom M-Engineering tune data logged and dialed in on our Dyno, the results spoke for themselves. Despite its subtle appearance, this McLaren packed a punch, delivering an astounding 1053whp on MS109 fuel.


AWD Dyno at Cannonball Garage McLaren 720s tuning
CSO1200 package McLaren 720 Spider


A Force to be Reckoned With

This Sleeper is not to be underestimated. Behind the wheel, it’s a force to be reckoned with – a silent assassin ready to surprise anyone who dares to challenge it. Whether on the streets or the track, this McLaren 720 Spider is poised to leave competitors in the dust.



At Cannonball Garage, we’re proud to deliver performance that exceeds expectations, even when it’s cloaked in secrecy. With our expertise and dedication to excellence, we transform dreams into reality, one build at a time.


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