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First Bugatti Chiron ever on a Dyno?


Have you ever seen a Bugatti Chiron on a dyno? Neither had we. A quick search finds a few of the Veyron, but nothing on the Chiron. When our friends at The Hamilton Collection inquired about doing it we were intrigued but was there a reason no one had done it? How would you safely strap the car down? We requested to get the car ahead of time to investigate the undertray situation. Upon arrival we found the largest single piece undertray we’ve ever seen. After some careful disassembly we got it down and looked over the points where we could safely strap the car down on the dyno.


When we got the car to the dyno itself we realized just how massive this car is. 80″ wide to be exact. The Chiron is so wide, it barely fits on the rollers! With the car carefully centered out on the rollers of our Dynojet 424x Chassis Dyno the car had only 1/2″ on each side. The factory claims the Chiron makes 1500HP but is that some fluff number to impress automotive outlets? The answer is NO! This car impressed us making 1369whp and 1163tq bone stock on 93 octane. And it makes this power with such grace both quietly and uneventfully. While Hypercars are impressive on paper, the Chiron is worthy of respect. They set out and delivered one of the most amazing cars ever produced! For an in-depth look at the process check out the Vlog from The Hamilton Collection and subscribe to their channel to learn more about their amazing cars and mission.


Are you looking to service or build your car locally? Cannonball Garage is your Chicago area McLaren, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Lamborghini & GT-R specialists. We offer maintenance, service, repair, performance, dyno tuning and Police countermeasures and are an AMS / ALPHA Performance Authorized Installer. Visit Cannonball Garage and see why our shop has become one of Chicagoland’s most trusted maintenance and performance focused shops in the Midwest!

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