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Unleashing the Power of a Mantis Green McLaren 650 Spider: A Transformation by Cannonball Garage

Recently, we had the privilege of welcoming a breathtaking Mantis Green McLaren 650 Spider into our workshop. The owner had a clear vision: to match the car’s stunning appearance with equally impressive sound and performance. Through a meticulously executed exhaust upgrade and a tailor-made M-Engineering tune, we elevated this already exceptional machine into something truly extraordinary but how we do it is what set us apart.

The Significance of Dyno Tuning

An integral part of our tuning process is the utilization of our Dynojet 224x chassis dynamometer. While we understand the allure of pushing a McLaren’s limits, we also recognize the importance of safety and longevity. On many modern engines, including those found in McLarens, the weak point is the connecting rods. Pushing torque levels beyond their limits can lead to catastrophic engine failures. That’s why we take a conservative yet effective approach to tuning. Each tune is meticulously calibrated on our dyno, with thorough monitoring and data logging to ensure you receive the safest and most dependable power available.

Off-the-shelf generic tunes may promise some power gains at a low price, but they lack the precision and safety considerations inherent in dyno tuning. With an M-Engineering tune done here at Cannonball Garage, power is kept within a safe range, offering not only exhilarating performance but also peace of mind. On the dyno we dialed the calibration in for this 3.8L M838T powered 650 Spider to a safe 646 wheel horsepower and 607 lb-ft of torque on 93 octane fuel.


Features You Can’t Find Anywhere Else

M-Engineering, the mastermind behind the tuning suite, offer unique features that set it apart. Map switching allows you to tailor tunes for different octane levels, ensuring peak performance under various conditions. Furthermore, a valet map option is available for those moments when you wish to restrict power.

Another remarkable feature is the rolling antilog, providing you with an advantage in rolling start competitions, allowing effortless launches ahead of the competition.

Cannonball Garage is the best place to tune your McLaren!

With almost 100 McLarens successfully tuned here using the M-Engineering suite, we wouldn’t consider any other option. At Cannonball Garage, we don’t merely service vehicles; we elevate them to their maximum potential. If you’re a McLaren enthusiast seeking top-tier service, performance enhancements, or even an engine rebuild, look no further. Your McLaren deserves nothing less than the Cannonball Garage touch. Contact us today and experience the difference that keeps McLaren owners returning for more. 

McLaren 650s Dyno Tuning at Cannonball Garage in Chicago

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