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Reviving an Icon: Building a CSO-Spec M840T McLaren Engine for Tavarish’s Flooded P1

In the realm of automotive YouTube, there are creators who take on challenges that seem impossible, transforming cars from wrecks to dreams. Tavarish, one such creator, is known for his daring projects, and when his infamous flood-damaged McLaren P1, hit by a Florida hurricane, needed resurrection, he turned to us at Cannonball Garage to handle the business-end of the project. Fresh off the 1-week M840T swap in his McLaren 675LT and subsequent visit to Jay Leno’s Garage show for a test drive and feature story, we figured let’s do it again!



The Backstory: When Hurricanes Strike

In the wake of Hurricane Ian, a storm that left its mark on Florida’s coastline submerged in saltwater, this million-dollar hypercar had its future hanging in the balance (found balancing on top of a toilet no less). But Tavarish, known for his “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” philosophy, was determined to buy this car at auction and give the P1 a second chance.


The Challenge: An Engine’s Redemption

The beating heart of the McLaren P1 is its M838T engine, a twin-turbocharged V8. The first step was disassembling the engine to inspect any damage caused by saltwater exposure. Unfortunately early into the process we saw this engine had indeed taken on saltwater and was deemed unusable.


The Cannonball Special Operations Treatment

This P1’s resurrection demanded more than just a simple engine rebuild; it required a complete transformation. Our mission: to build a stronger 4.0L M840T engine to withstand a jaw-dropping 1500+ horsepower. Tavarish’s goal? To be the world’s fastest McLaren!


Building The World’s Fastest McLaren

At Cannonball Garage, we love a challenge, and this one was nothing short of epic. So we embarked on a journey of unparalleled craftsmanship. Knowing that Tavarish had big plans for his P1, we began a new CSO McLaren engine build. With our engine program in full-swing we thankfully had a fully prepped M840T engine block and crankshaft ready as the foundation of the build. To start we installed top-of-the-line upgraded CSO-Spec connecting rods and pistons. These were installed and the shortblock blueprinted and assembled with upgraded hardware. The cylinder heads were rebuilt and reassembled with upgraded CSO valve springs.


The Rebirth of Tavarish’s Dream

With another short timeline this was a testament to Tavarish’s vision and our dedication to making it a reality.Tavarish’s flooded McLaren P1, now with a powerhouse of an engine, was slated to make it’s debut at SEMA 2023 in the Valvoline booth. With the engine installed and the car partially assembled it was time to show the world what Tavarish has dubbed the “P1 EVO”.


SEMA debut of Tavarish’s P1 Evo

This project not only showcases Tavarish’s boundless ambition and our technical prowess but also underscores the collaborative spirit of the automotive YouTube community.


At Cannonball Garage, we’re thrilled to play a part in yet another one of Tavarish’s automotive journeys, proving that even a hurricane can’t keep a great car down. Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we push the boundaries of automotive innovation.


Follow Tavarish’s YouTube channel for a closer look at this incredible project and the transformation of his flood-damaged McLaren P1.


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