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Cannonball Garage

Alex Choi’s RS6 Gets The Ultimate Radar and Laser Defense 

When it comes to radar detectors and laser defense who better to call than the current Cannonball Run Record Holder himself? That is what YouTube personality Alex Choi did!



Alex Choi is most well-known for his Purple Twin Turbo Lamborghini Unicorn V4 and Pink McLaren 720s and his spirited driving style. When we met him on goldRush Rally we struck up a friendship that based around Police Countermeasures.


When Alex secured his new Audi RS6 he arranged the car to be delivered to Cannonball Garage straight from the dealer. He requested the best, most robust protection against radar and laser guns. When we get a request like this we choose the Radenso RC-M Radar Detector with a 6 head AL Priority Laser Defense System.


We hooked Alex up with the Cannonball Signature installation like we do with all systems we install here. This includes proper spacing and mounting of the radar antennas and jammer heads for optimal performance. We then program the system with setting we’ve learned from years of experience in skirting speed limit enforcement. When all is said and done we make sure everything is functioning properly by testing with real Police speed detection equipment. Alex can now attend rallies and feel confident out there on the open road.



Are you interested in the ultimate radar and laser protection? We are the foremost experts on the subject and only sell proven and effective systems. There is no one-size-fits-all solution in the radar and laser arena. Call us for a consultation and let us get you set up with a system that suits your car and driving habits.