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Breathing Life Back into the Ultimate Road Rally McLaren GT

At Cannonball Garage, we’ve had the privilege of working on some of the most remarkable McLaren vehicles, and every project presents its own unique challenges and rewards. Recently, we had the pleasure of welcoming Omar and hisUltimate Road Rally McLaren GT, which arrived at our garage with a set of issues that needed immediate attention.


The Challenges: A McLaren in Need

Omar’s McLaren GT had seen its fair share of action during a season of rallies, and as a result, it had developed some notable issues. When it rolled into our garage, we quickly identified a suspension failure, exhaust leaks, wheel fitment trouble, and an apparent decrease in power.



Getting Back on Track

Our team wasted no time in assessing the situation and getting to work. We knew that the McLaren GT deserved nothing but the best, so we embarked on a journey to bring this magnificent machine back to its peak performance.


  1. Suspension Revival: Addressing the suspension failure was our first priority. With our expertise in McLaren vehicles, we swiftly rectified the suspension issue, ensuring that the GT would once again handle the road with grace and precision.
  1. Precision Wheel Fitment: We noted the spacers the car came in with didn’t have the proper taper for the HRE wheels and the car also had 2 different styles of lug nuts. Custom machined wheel spacers were created on our lathe to ensure a perfect fit, eliminating any concerns about wheel fitment trouble and a new set of proper lug nuts were installed. This attention to detail is what sets Cannonball Garage apart.
  1. Exhaust Leak Resolution: We turned our focus to the exhaust leaks, where we found leaking between the downpipes and turbos and the exhaust manifold to engine. As we got it all apart in order to rectify the problem, we made a significant discovery—collapsed catalytic converters were impeding exhaust flow, robbing the McLaren GT of its full potential! Clearly the source of the lack of power.


The Powerhouse Unleashed

With all the necessary repairs and improvements completed, it was time to put the URR McLaren GT to the test. We strapped it onto our dyno and, with the custom M-engineering tune, unleashed its true potential. As we logged and made revisions to the calibration, the numbers spoke for themselves—804 wheel horsepower and an impressive 692 lb-ft of torque on 93 octane fuel!


Ultimate Road Rally McLaren GT dyno tuning at Cannonball Garage Chicago Illinois


Satisfaction in Restoration

For us at Cannonball Garage, there’s immense satisfaction in taking a McLaren from a state of disrepair to peak performance. Omar’s McLaren GT was not just restored; it was enhanced and optimized for the road ahead. It’s a testament to our commitment to excellence and our passion for these incredible machines.

Omar's URR McLaren GT brought back to life at Cannonball Garage
Omar’s URR McLaren GT brought back to life at Cannonball Garage


The Ultimate McLaren Specialist

If you own a McLaren and are seeking top-notch service, repair, performance enhancements, or even an engine build, look no further than Cannonball Garage. Our expertise in McLarens is unparalleled, and we’re ready to tackle any challenge to ensure your McLaren performs at its absolute best.


Give us a call today and experience the Cannonball Garage difference—the difference that keeps McLaren enthusiasts coming back for more. Your McLaren deserves nothing less.


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