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Reviving a McLaren 570S: The Road to Recovery in Trinidad and Tobago

Cannonball Garage International rescue mission in Trinidad and Tobago of this McLaren 570s

When you own a beautiful blue McLaren 570S in the vibrant country of Trinidad and Tobago, every drive should feel like a dream. For Christian Tam, this dream took an unexpected turn when a simple diagnostic check turned into a series of unfortunate events, leaving his beloved McLaren in a state of disrepair. However, thanks to the expertise of Cannonball Garage, the supercar is now back on the road, ready to roar once more.

Alex Choi’s RS6 Gets The Ultimate Radar and Laser Defense 

Alex Choi RS6 protected by Cannonball Garage and Radenso Radar

When Alex secured his new Audi RS6 he arranged the car to be delivered to Cannonball Garage straight from the dealer. He requested the best, most robust protection against radar and laser guns. When we get a request like this we choose the Radenso RC-M Radar Detector with a 6 head AL Priority Laser Defense System.

Reviving an Icon: Building a CSO-Spec M840T McLaren Engine for Tavarish’s Flooded P1

In the realm of automotive YouTube, there are creators who take on challenges that seem impossible, transforming cars from wrecks to dreams. Tavarish, one such creator, is known for his daring projects, and when his infamous flood-damaged McLaren P1, hit by a Florida hurricane, needed resurrection, he turned to us at Cannonball Garage to handle […]

Transforming a 2018 Memphis Red 720S: Unleashing Power and Style

720s CSO900 Performance Package at Cannonball Garage Chicago McLaren Performance Experts

At Cannonball Garage, we don’t just work on cars; we transform them into something truly extraordinary. Our latest project, a stunning 2018 Memphis Red McLaren 720S, came to us in stock condition but left with a whole new look and a significant power boost that is sure to turn heads on and off the track. […]

Unleashing Stealth Power: CSO1200 McLaren 720 Sleeper

AWD Dyno at Cannonball Garage McLaren 720s tuning

Transforming Performance with the CSO1200 Package At Cannonball Garage, we’re no strangers to pushing the boundaries of performance, but sometimes, the true art lies in subtlety. Case in point: our recent project involving a Ceramic Grey McLaren 720 Spider.     The Customer’s Unique Request The customer came to us with a specific request: they […]

Breathing Life Back into the Ultimate Road Rally McLaren GT

Ultimate Road Rally McLaren GT dyno tuning at Cannonball Garage Chicago Illinois

At Cannonball Garage, we’ve had the privilege of working on some of the most remarkable McLaren vehicles, and every project presents its own unique challenges and rewards. Recently, we had the pleasure of welcoming Omar and hisUltimate Road Rally McLaren GT, which arrived at our garage with a set of issues that needed immediate attention. […]

First Bugatti Chiron ever on a Dyno?

Have you ever seen a Bugatti Chiron on a dyno? Neither had we. A quick search finds a few of the Veyron, but nothing on the Chiron. When our friends at The Hamilton Collection inquired about doing it we were intrigued but was there a reason no one had done it?