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McLaren P1 Prototype #4 Reborn

In the world of automotive enthusiasts, passion knows no bounds. It’s a realm where dreams are realized through ingenuity, determination, and an unwavering love for the iconic machines that fuel our desires. One such enthusiast has embarked on an extraordinary journey, breathing new life into a legendary McLaren P1 prototype.

Resurrecting the Iconic McLaren P1 Prototype at Cannonball Garage

Steve, from the YouTube channel The Car Council, with a heart pulsating for the McLaren marque, acquired P1 Prototype #4 in a scattered state, every component laid bare except for the carbon tub, which sadly was crushed due to Government regulations. Undeterred by the challenge, he resolved to resurrect this automotive icon, crafting his own custom P1 from the ground up.

CSO Engine and Drivetrain Rebuild


At the heart of this resurrection lies the engine, the beating heart of the P1. After 40,000 hard miles from the Automotive Press, we disassembled and meticulously inspected it at our in-house Skunkworks, Cannonball Special Operations (CSO). Every detail was scrutinized with precision and a plan for the McLaren M838TQ engine rebuild was executed. The bottom end received some added strength, with CSO HD connecting rods and performance bearings. Rebuilt cylinder heads, secured by CSO head studs, promised optimal sealing of the combustion chambers. Timing wear items were replaced, ensuring the engine would operate with the precision befitting a McLaren masterpiece.


The rebuild didn’t stop with the engine. On the transmission side, the hybrid drive clutch was replaced, while all McLaren HDA updated and upgraded parts found their home. The engine, transmission and hybrid drive motor were all carefully reassembled and mated back to the subframe.

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The Road Back To Colorado


With the engine and transmission intricately rebuilt to perfection, we embarked on a journey to Colorado, where the dream will truly come to life. Not trusting this priceless drivetrain to be shipped via truck, we loaded it in our Van and Cannonball Garage President, Arne Toman personally delivered it to the Car Counsil headquarters where it stands poised, awaiting its moment to be reunited as the soul of the McLaren P1 Prototype.

A Commitment to McLaren Excellence


At Cannonball Garage, we are honored to play a part in this extraordinary tale. Our commitment to excellence fuels every endeavor, ensuring that dreams, no matter how audacious, can be brought to life. Stay tuned as we witness the rebirth of a legend, a McLaren P1 prototype, destined to conquer the roads once more.


Are you looking to service or build your car locally? Cannonball Garage is your Chicago area McLaren, Porsche & 4.0L BiTurbo Mercedes-Benz specialists. We offer maintenance, service, repair, performance, dyno tuning and Police countermeasures and are an AMS / ALPHA Performance Authorized Installer. Visit Cannonball Garage and see why our shop has become one of the most trusted maintenance and performance focused shops in the Midwest!

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