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Reviving a McLaren 570S: The Road to Recovery in Trinidad and Tobago

Cannonball Garage International rescue mission in Trinidad and Tobago of this McLaren 570s

When you own a beautiful blue McLaren 570S in the vibrant country of Trinidad and Tobago, every drive should feel like a dream. For Christian Tam, this dream took an unexpected turn when a simple diagnostic check turned into a series of unfortunate events, leaving his beloved McLaren in a state of disrepair. However, thanks to the expertise of Cannonball Garage, the supercar is now back on the road, ready to roar once more.

Unleashing Stealth Power: CSO1200 McLaren 720 Sleeper

AWD Dyno at Cannonball Garage McLaren 720s tuning

Transforming Performance with the CSO1200 Package At Cannonball Garage, we’re no strangers to pushing the boundaries of performance, but sometimes, the true art lies in subtlety. Case in point: our recent project involving a Ceramic Grey McLaren 720 Spider.     The Customer’s Unique Request The customer came to us with a specific request: they […]

McLaren Hydraulic Suspension Bleeding

Having the proper tools and equipment is paramount for servicing any McLaren. Without it you can’t get past step one in most repairs. This is why we’ve invested in ALL of the proper factory tools to get the job done right! Watch as Ivan goes over accumulator replacement, a common failure over time in the […]

Wayland’s McLaren 720s Misfire

When our customer called us with a misfire above 100mph, like many McLaren experts our mind went to spark plugs or a failed coil. These are both somewhat common issues on the 720s. It would’ve been easy to sell the spark plugs and replace the coils on the cylinders that were experiencing the problem. Many […]