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Cannonball Garage

Alex Choi’s RS6 Gets The Ultimate Radar and Laser Defense¬†

Alex Choi RS6 protected by Cannonball Garage and Radenso Radar

When Alex secured his new Audi RS6 he arranged the car to be delivered to Cannonball Garage straight from the dealer. He requested the best, most robust protection against radar and laser guns. When we get a request like this we choose the Radenso RC-M Radar Detector with a 6 head AL Priority Laser Defense System.

Alex Choi // McLaren 720s

If you follow YouTube personality Alex Choi, you’ve probably seen his now pink McLaren 720s or in one of it’s many other different vinyl wrap configurations. If that is the case, you’ve probably seen he’s had a few problems with the car along the way. Of course you ALSO know he has been pretty abusive […]