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Alex Choi // McLaren 720s

If you follow YouTube personality Alex Choi, you’ve probably seen his now pink McLaren 720s or in one of it’s many other different vinyl wrap configurations. If that is the case, you’ve probably seen he’s had a few problems with the car along the way. Of course you ALSO know he has been pretty abusive to this thing and it’s the highest mileage 720 we’ve seen to date. All of those rallies really rack up the miles!


While on the Savage Rally this year he was experiencing and intermittent loss of odd number gears leaving him with just 2,4 & 6 at times. Along the way he was calling us for troubleshooting advice. This continued to happen until finally the car was permanently in limp mode and could go no further.



Ultimately we had to tow the car into the shop to be diagnosed and repaired. The problem was he needed the car turned around very quickly to make it to the starting grid of goldRush Rally with little over a week to spare.


Our team quickly got to work on the car and were met with 99 stored trouble codes! Sifting through the data and doing some testing revealed that one of the 3 speed sensors inside the transmission was bad and the cause of his issues. Thankfully we stock a lot of OEM parts and were able to get his car on a transport truck in time to make it to NYC.


While the car was here we got his new BBS LM wheels installed complete with white-walled Michelin tires which sounded like a horrible idea at first but fit the car’s pink wrap really well! The car was here for a short time so we were not able to dig too deep into some other underlying issues but we were able to get him going again enough to get the car to the starting grid where he meets up with Cannonball Garage owner Arne Toman and VINWIKI’s Ed Bolian who are piloting the famous Paris Hilton McLaren SLR!


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