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Not All McLaren Tunes Are Created Equal

At Cannonball Garage your vehicles performance is our priority. That’s why we’ve invested in a chassis dyno and the diagnostic and advanced data logging equipment to make sure your car is running at peak performance and doing it safely

Not All Tunes Are Created Equal

While we had this McLaren 720s in for some work, the owner wanted us to run the car on our AWD Dynojet 424 chassis dynomometer to get some performance numbers and most importantly make sure the car was running safely. What we found was the car making decent peak power numbers but going lean in the mid-range and dropping horsepower which was hurting performance but most importantly can be unsafe and damaging to the M840T engine. These type of things can often be seen with cars that have just an off the shelf, plug-in tune loaded into them without any dyno testing and monitoring. Without this critical step there is no way to know how much more power you are making and that it’s running safely.


To remedy this, we removed the cars ECU and sent it to our partners M-Engineering who unlocked the computer and added their M-Tuner Suite and calibration. The M-tuner allows the factory McLaren computer to have features not found with any of the other tunes available for these cars. Normally features like this are only found on very expensive aftermarket stand alone engine management systems

Switchable Maps – The ability to switch between calibrations for 91, 93 & 100 octane using the cruise control stalk. In addition, a valet function to reduce power when your car is in the hands of others.


Rolling Antilag – A launch feature for racing while already moving such as roll racing. It builds boost pressure while maintaining a constant speed. Let go of the switch and the car catapults forward like it was launched from a dead stop eliminating dreaded turbo lag and winning you the race!

Safer And More Power!

When we got the computer back, we were able to test and log the car on the dyno and make revisions to dial in the tune for peak performance through the M-Tuner. We picked up 25HP and 37 lbs. of torque at the wheels. The final product provided the customer with not only the most power available but also ensures the car will be safe for many miles to come



Dyno testing is a free service we offer with any annual McLaren service. Give us a call to schedule your appointment today.

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