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CSO-Powered M840T McLaren 720s makes MONSTER torque

At Cannonball Garage, we love taking McLarens to the next level. Our friend Dustin’s journey with his McLaren 720S is a prime example of how precision tuning and expert engine builds can transform a great car into an extraordinary one.

Dustin Bassi's CSO900+ 720s with Cannonball Special Operations built M840T engine by Cannonball Garage McLaren performance shop

A few years ago, Dustin brought his McLaren 720S to us with an off-the-shelf tune. We ran the car on the Dynojet chassis dynamometer and found the tune had a lean dip at 5000rpm which hurt performance and caused a detrimental condition for the engine. 

This is a common thing we see with thee off-the-shelf tunes where the shop will just plug in a generic calibration file into the ECU without testing the car on the dyno or taking any catalogs to make sure the car is running within safe parameters. We got to work with a custom M-Engineering tune and were Abel to not only make more power but most importantly make it safe for the internal engine components. The results were fantastic, and Dustin enjoyed it for a couple of years.

The Next Level: CSO Stage 1 Engine Build

This past winter, Dustin decided it was time to elevate his 720S even further. He opted for a Cannonball Special Operations Stage 1 engine build, which includes a full engine refresh with CSO bearings, head studs, and heavy-duty CSO connecting rods. This comprehensive upgrade is designed to maximize the performance and durability of the engine.

Impressive Power Gains

With the new engine build, Dustin’s McLaren 720S now delivers some truly impressive power:

  • 952whp and 878tq  on MS109 race fuel
  • 842whp and 796tq on 93 octane fuel

While these peak power numbers are impressive, real performance is about consistent power delivery across the RPM range. Thanks to the robust CSO connecting rods, we were able to achieve big torque early in the rev range. At 4500 RPM, the car is making 800tq, which is 150 lbs more torque than the stock engine can handle.

A Street Rocket

On the street, Dustin’s McLaren 720S is now an absolute rocket. The increased power and torque make it a thrilling car to drive, and we’re confident that Dustin will love every moment behind the wheel.

At Cannonball Garage, we take pride in our ability to push the boundaries of performance. Whether it’s through custom tuning or advanced engine builds, we’re dedicated to helping our clients get the most out of their McLarens. Stay tuned for more stories of incredible transformations!

Are you looking to service or build your car locally (or in this case Internationally!)? Cannonball Garage is your Chicago area McLaren, Porsche & Mercedes-Benz specialists. We offer maintenance, service, repair, performance, dyno tuning and Police countermeasures and are an AMS / ALPHA Performance Authorized Installer. Visit Cannonball Garage and see why our shop has become one of Chicagoland’s most trusted maintenance and performance focused shops in the Midwest! 

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